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The boundaries of work & home are blurred, resources are tight, layoff anxiety is up, and so is the pressure to perform. Ironically, this surge in pressure is causing many top performers to struggle with motivation.


From daily chest pain to saying INNU saved his life & career

"I was under so much stress from work that I had daily pain in my chest & very little motivation. It felt hopeless. With my coaches help, I was able to navigate my burnout symptoms to build a sustainable career and to really feel that I can be myself, to be happy with who I am. It's been the best investment of my life. I'm always saying Veronika saved my life."



"I was surprised how much engagement was coming from the team in this workshop. People were quite vulnerable. It gave us a platform for honest conversations about how employees manage themselves. We’re now able to talk when things aren’t working. People are solving problems themselves."

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The power of workshops & open conversation

"The workshop insights, group discussions & practices were incredibly valuable. It helped me learn key concepts about energy & have a solid plan for how to manage my energy. Anyone interested in improving their energy levels should attend! This workshop is super fun!"

Client Love

From burnout to promoted 2X in a year

"I owe so much of my growth in my roles at HubSpot to INNU. They use a holistic approach (mental health, physical health, emotional regulation, communication of needs) to clear issues that you don't even realise are affecting you at work. I highly recommend Veronika & her team!”

Energy Scorecard

See the big picture of how to break out of stress & get a personalised plan

This quiz will score your response to stress in 3 areas: What stage of stress are you currently in? What behaviours pre-dispose you to stress? What external factors amplify your stress?

Note: You'll get your assessment & tailored guidance on a 20-min call with our CEO.

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We’re a team of senior business leaders, People Officers, Medical Doctors, Behavioral Scientists, Coaches, Therapists & Holistic Wellbeing Experts who joined forces to build a bridge between the science of sustainable peak performance & wellbeing and the world of work. Over the last 7 years, we’ve supported some of the best brands in the world.We enjoy partnering with leaders & teams, with a growth mindset and an appetite for change.

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